St Mary's Church, West MallingThe Parochial Church Council of St Mary’s and our Vicar, David, are currently working on major plans to provide new facilities for St Mary’s. This area of our website will be updated regularly to keep the church community and the wider community in West Malling informed on the latest developments in the plans.

A great many people will feel a sense of care and concern for St Mary’s. Alongside those who worship regularly as part of our Christian Church community here, we also serve a much wider community who will feel a sense of attachment to the church building for a variety of reasons. Some hold our church close to their heart because they got married here, baptised their children here or buried their loved ones in our churchyard. Others value the sense of heritage that St Mary’s carries over its long and varied history since the 11th century as a place of worship for West Malling. Many know St Mary’s because they attended (or their children attended) West Malling CEP School and so took part in special services with the school here. St Mary’s also has a programme of music concerts each year, including the annual Music at Malling festival and our friends at the West Malling Community Choir.

As the Church of England parish church for West Malling, we serve the entire community of West Malling in a variety of ways. We must always ensure that, in any changes that are made, the church retains its focus primarily as a place for Christian worship and is focussed on the needs of the church community who worship here. However, we want also to seek the feedback, input and support of all those who have an interest in our church for whatever reason, knowing that it’s their church too.

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