St Mary’s Treblemakers offers children the chance to experience the joy of singing and performing together and receive an invaluable grounding in musical training. The children will receive:

  • A high level of professional instruction and tuition in singing. Children will develop good vocal technique and grow in confidence as singers.
  • Lessons in music notation and music theory
  • Children can work towards the nationally recognised and acclaimed RSCM Voice for Life scheme.

Alongside weekly rehearsals and regular performance opportunities, children will have the chance to attend choir social events and trips.

Weekly sessions to learn and rehearse

Treblemakers sessions take place on Wednesday evenings at 5.30pm and include a chance to chat, a warm up, a simple short song and some music theory. If your child would like to take part, please contact the Director of Music for more information.

The sessions are free and are also open to children who aren’t (yet!) members of our Junior Choir. Parents are welcome to sit in and watch.

Who can join the choir?

  • Any child over the age of seven years old
  • Membership of the choir is completely free
  • You don’t need to be a regular churchgoer

What’s the commitment?

  • Weekly rehearsals on Wednesdays at St Mary’s Church at 6 p.m. for one hour.
  • Regular Sunday morning services (but not every week) and occasional concerts
  • Regular concerts and occasional special services at festivals such as Christmas and Easter

Will my child be safe and looked after?

Parents are always welcome to attend our choir rehearsals, however there is no expectation for you to do so. Our Director of Music Nick Castell and any other St Mary’s supervisors working with the Junior Choir are subject to enhanced DBS checks, and have completed the Church of England’s training in safeguarding requirements. You can read more about our safeguarding arrangements here.

Our Vicar and Churchwardens, along with St Mary’s Parochial Church Council and our Safeguarding Officer are committed to ensuring everything St Mary’s organises and delivers is a safe space for all people.

To find out more

You can download the Treblemakers flyer here.

Or contact us to ask questions and discuss your child’s participation.