The Road Ahead – annual meetings 2013

A photo of a rural road heading into the distance.With the end of April approaching, it is the time of year when our parishes host their Annual Meetings*, sometimes known as the APCM. In line with Charity law, the churches report on the year previous and publish their accounts. Various officers are elected as well to serve in the coming year.

Rather than just look back, our Priest-in-Charge David Green likes to use the APCM as a chance to look forward as well. He will be speaking about his own views on the challenges that lie ahead of us this year and there is an opportunity for church members to ask questions, make their own observations and comments and contribute to the discussion.

If you attend worship at one of our churches, please do make this meeting a priority. Even if you can’t be present, do take the time to read the reports (provided on this website as downloads) so that you can review all that has taken place in the last year, see how we are doing financially and (hopefully) be encouraged by the many good things that have been happening.

In each of the churches, we are looking for new people to join our Parochial Church Councils (or PCC). PCC is a great opportunity to serve the church and to be a key part of the decision-making processes for our community. If you want to be a part of the key discussions affecting our future life, help to manage our building and finances, and get stuck in to seeing things happen, we would love to have you involved. Please consider standing.

* – Technically an ‘Annual Parochial Church Meeting’ or APCM.
** – St Gabriel’s is not technically a parish in its own right, and so its reports and activities are part of the St Mary’s APCM.